Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a Week!

The past week has been busy to say the least. School started for Wyatt last Wednesday, we had our first friend weekend sleep over and we threw in a birthday party into the mix on Saturday. Some things we learned over the past couple of days are:
1. Our house isn't ample for a family of 4...especially 2 boys. If anyone is looking for a house in Lexington, I can hook you up.
2. Bounce U Rocks!! And they can make a killing off of parents looking to zap some energy out of their kids.
3. Preschool is a God send. If you know me, you know this is not anything new I learned this year. I could go on for days about the importance Early Childhood Education. Now you throw in a little personal experience with my kid and I could go on forever. I cannot wait to see the gains he makes this year.

Funny Story of the Week: The letter of the week is "A". I was at the store, so I bought an apple. I get home give him the whole "I got you a surprise at the store, it starts with a letter A. What do you think it is?" speal. His response.... A (emphasis on the long a sound) Lunchable! Wrong!!! The look on his face was priceless when I took that apple out of the bag. It was the look you gave the person handing out toothbrushes instead of the chocolate on Halloween. I guess I better start thinking more creatively about the letter B. Any suggestions?

Oh, and the spider man suit picture. That was taken on our walk today. He was wringing wet from sweat, but he was dead set on wearing that. Some battles just aren't worth fighting.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reality Check

It hit me this weekend. I've been blissfully naive in hoping that we could get our court date prior to the closure. However, we believe this Friday is the day courts close until October. We don't know this for sure, as our agency has not given us specific dates, but everything we read (which we can't confirm as accurate, but fairly consistent) points to Friday as the dreaded day. What does this mean. MORE WAITING. Waiting until at least October for a court date. We went from hoping to travel in late June (our first scheduled court date was June 5), to now hoping we will travel in 2009. Am I being pessimistic? Possibly. But sometimes, the optimism can override the reality that has simply slapped me in the face. With that said, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that there is a piece of me that still is hopeful we'll be surprised by a "you passed court" call. A girl can hope, right!?

Enough of me feeling sorry for myself!!! We are so grateful for the past couple of weeks in which we've seen updated pictures of Gabe. Wait until you see these eyes! There is a family traveling to Ethiopia this Friday to meet their daughter and they are taking Gabe a care package from us, as well as taking more pictures. We cannot wait to hear all about him and see even more pictures of our boy!! We cannot thank them enough for doing this for us. It definitely makes the waiting a little more bearable.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wyatt is Four!!!

What just happened? How is it that my kid is four?! I remember looking at him (oh about 3 years ago) and thinking, I'll always think of you as a baby. Well, that baby grew into a toddler and now a boy. I'm having a little issue accepting this! It's amazing how every year, I claim "this is my favorite age" and of course, that holds true for 4. Now don't get me wrong, Wyatt was a little more angelic in his earlier years. But this past year, the personality has taken over. The Wyatt spunk that only he has. The spunk that I love more than anything and the same one that sometimes has the potential to put me in the loony bin. Its that spunk that keeps us on our toes, looking at each other and laughing, wondering where in the world did this kid come from!!! Regardless where he came from or what in the world he's said or done, he's our big four year old that we wouldn't change for the world.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Weekend of Camps

What a great weekend. Friday was Wyatt's family night at his summer camp, so I got to experience Pepperhill camp first hand. My boy suckered me into being the only adult in the pool, but I couldn't turn him down. He went from clinging on to dear life at the beginning of summer to running and jumping into the pool (with a life jacket on). I could have died when I saw him do it for the first time. We also went on a hayless hay ride. This is where I heard Wyatt's first witnessed flirting attempt. Wyatt had been talking about his "girlfriend" Megan all week. So, we're on this ride and the one and only Megan spots him and comes to sit next to him. And then, in a tone you can only imagine, Wyatt says "Red Rover, Red Rover, send Megan right over." What...did I just hear that? I could have died! And I had nobody there to laugh with!

Saturday we went camping with some friends. This was our first camping trip (and my first since I was about 6 and camping in my aunt's yard with my cousins). Apparently Jason and my aunt have a difference of opinion in tents. I prefer the tent that you can stand up in. He prefers the kind that you all but have to slither into. Regardless we all packed our hind-tails in it for some close family fun. Well, until it stormed and the one not-so-waterproof part of the tent was over my face. Being the great wife that I am, I wake Jason up and make him switch spots with him. I have since been shopping on-line for tents because we really did have a blast. Wyatt ate his weight in S'mores and even found a snail on the outside of our tent. It's amazing how much you can relax in such a short period of time without TV, phones or computers!

Finally, Wyatt has been golfing with Jason. Personally, I'd rather eat my arm than shoot 9 holes, but I'm all for the boys going out for an afternoon round. My parents got Wyatt some clubs this summer and Jason's teaching him the basics. Keep it up kid...you either need to be really smart or athletic, cause college ain't cheap!