Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Up and Moving

What have we been "up" to? A picture worth a thousand words.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Birthday Pics

Just a few more pics of the big weekend.

Happy Birthday Pics

Happy Birthday, Wyatt. Wyatt is now one year and a day old. And boy, did he have a fun filled birthday weekend. Dad had to go out of town for a wedding, so it was Mom, Wyatt and friends Jeni and Brianna for the big weekend. Saturday started with a bang...pancakes, nap, pool, ice cream, nap, Chuck E Cheese's. Talk about tired kids and moms at the end of the day! But hey, you only turn one once! Today, Dad came home and we had our family's birthday celebration day. It started with a visit to the park and then Wyatt got to open some presents he received in the mail from the Whitsitt's and the Ivancics and some presents from Mom and Dad. After that, came the infamous first birthday cake. I think the pictures show whether he liked that or not. We had to cut him off before he ate the whole thing. Okay, maybe Mom helped a little bit. The big man is now tucked in bed, with visions of ice cream and cake dancing in his head. Sorry big guy, birthday weekend is over...back to the fruit and veggies!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back to School Blues

After 5 months off, I guess I have no right to complain about going back to work. Day one in the life of a working mom. It comes with mixed emtions...glad to be back in the working world, but wow...I didn't realize how much I would miss him over only 8 hours! Okay, really only 4 since I went and ate lunch with him. Wyatt did great. It is such a relief to know that he is being taken care of by a loving family and that the interaction with other children is great for him socially and developmentally. Here are some pics from today...eating breakfast, drying off from a bath and getting ready to go! I'll sleep much better tonight knowing that both he and I are going to be just fine with this whole work deal.

Friday, August 04, 2006

"We're Back"

Wow! Where do we even begin? We've been home for a little over two months and what a wonderful summer it has been. Since arriving home, we are humbled everyday by the generosity and support of all of our friends and family. From the welcome home party at the airport, to the "Extreme Home Makeover Wyatt Edition", to the daily phone calls and notes of support...we cannot thank our friends and family enough. Wyatt has met so many new people and has been eating up the attention he recieves. His personality has really begun to show and boy do we have a ham on our hands! He went from belly flopping to crawling in nothing short of a sprint. He loves to swim and loves to eat...well, everything! Due to the fact that so much time has passed since our last post, we will not even attempt to sum up what all we've done this summer. We'll just leave it as it has been the best of our lives...and it's just the beginning.

Now, to sum up the adoption process as a whole. We cannot thank Little Miracles International enough for making our dream of becoming a family come true. From the first phone call of inquiry until now, the wonderful service and support we have recieved from them has been amazing. The LMI team both in the US and in KZ is made up of very special people that we will always hold dear to our hearts. Thank you LMI, Andrea, and to our translator and coordinator in Astana...we cannot imagine this experience without you.

We promise to update more often. Jason has been back at work since the week we got home and Michelle returns to work next week. A very sweet woman will be watching Wyatt in her home with a few other children while Mom and Dad are at work. He'll love it, as he loves other kids, but naturally, Michelle is already dreading the day she must drop him off. We'll let you know how that geos next time.

Until then...thanks for everything and sorry for the 2 month hiatus.