Monday, November 28, 2005


We spent the weekend of Thanksgiving with Michelle's family consuming turkey, football and all the fixins. On Friday we went to Babies R Us to buy Baby Schlafer's crib, but it was not in stock or even in the warehouse. So, being the patient people we are, we went to Cincinnati on Sunday to buy it. After 8 hours of driving, PF Chang's, and shopping we returned to set it up. Suprisingly enough, it was very simple and the room is really looking like a nursery. We also got a car seat and high chair from some friends. This house is changing to fit a family of three and we can hardly wait.

Friday, November 18, 2005

One GIANT step down, lots to go.

Good news...we sent our dossier off to Texas for translation today. The past two weeks have been filled with changes, signatures, notaries, certifications and finally apostilles. Then off to the bank and at about 8:00 tonight, the packet we have been bonding with for 3 months was in FedEx's hands. What a weight off of our shoulders. We put poor Andrea (thank God for Andrea) through the ringer today with call after call about details, and she of course calmed us down and got us ready to go. The poor woman is probably dreading the week before we leave!!! We will probably not post for a while, as there won't be any new info until translation is complete (unless; of course, any of our dossier documents need to be corrected). We are both learning to "go with the flow" so to speak. Thanks for keeping up with our journey. We are thankful for all of you.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Since our last post, we dealt with more changes. We found out the medical form changed once again and we had to get a psychiatric evaluation and letter written saying we are fit to be parents. Michelle had hers done last week (yes, she passed)and Jason is getting his done next week. Then the letter will be written. We are still waiting for the FBI prints, but they should be coming any day. Now for the good news...
This is very exciting. At first we weren't expecting this until the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We called Andrea right away and she said this sets us up to be right on track. Once we get our letter and FBI prints back, we send everything off to translation. She said it should be done with translation just about when the New York Consulate opens back up again (they were closed for a little bit for training due to the new Kazakh requirements).
We are now off to celebrate with a little sweet from Starbucks! Yippee!!!