Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Almost October

Four months ago, we were anxiously awaiting our court date that was scheduled for two short weeks later. Then came the abandonment investigation. Although disappointed, we understood the reasoning behind ensuring adoptions were being conducted in a lawful and ethical manner. Waiting without knowing when courts would open was tough. The anticipation and race of getting courts reopened and assigned another court date prior to the annual closure was unexplainable. The courts opened and began passing cases in late July. Although we tried our best to not get our hopes up, we were completely deflated when the courts closed again in late August without us having passed court. Blog stalking didn't work in my favor during this process. Reading day after day about families passing was discouraging to say the least. Obviously we were thrilled for those families, but I'm not going to try to kid myself or you into thinking there wasn't some jealousy there. We dreaded the closure, but when it happened, a weird peace came over us. We realized the day to day anticipation was gone. We knew there was no opportunity to be assigned a court date until October. During this time, we began receiving pictures of Gabe. Our son, that we first saw a picture at 7 weeks of age is now 8 months old. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to send him a package and get pictures of him prior to meeting him. The faith and knowledge of "it will happen when its right" and "everything happens for a reason" became our belief in the adventure of meeting our son.
But now here we week before the end of September. One week before October. Two weeks before courts reopen. WE ARE THRILLED that courts will be opening and the opportunity for us to finally meet and bring Gabe home are upon us, yet something weird has happened. The feelings are coming back. The anxious, stressful and desperate need for updates and progress feelings are back. Not what I was wanting or anticipating, but here they are. Please let us get a quick court date and pass!

Why am I blogging this? I'm not quite sure. I guess you could consider it a warning label. Moody Woman on Board.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wyatt Pops the Question

Wyatt is home sick today. We've been hanging low - coloring, writing, reading, movies, etc. Lots of mom and Wyatt time. Lots of time for quality conversation. After reading our 8th book (not an exaggeration), "Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born," Wyatt popped the question.

Wyatt - "How do babies get out of tummies?"
Me - "Huh?"
Wyatt - "How do babies get out of tummies?"
Me - "Let's talk about that another time"
Wyatt - "I want to know now"
Me - "The doctor gets it out"
Wyatt - "How, with a needle?
Me - "Want to watch Scooby Doo?"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soccer Season

Wyatt's first soccer game was Saturday. Actually, Wyatt's first official game of any sort. While unpacking our chairs from the car and heading to the soccer fields, I remembered the many days my parents spent doing that exact thing. Its hard to believe I'm now starting that very adventure with my kid. We were anxious to see how Wyatt would do. The majority of his first practice was spent playing in the dirt. On the ride there, I was giving him the "no hands, no pushing" pep talk. He definitely listened to the "no hands" part. The "no pushing", well, its all relative I guess. Nothing red card worthy, but enough to make his presence known. A few body bumps never hurt anybody! The game was hilarious. Kids running all over, in one big blob after the ball. Here's some pictures of the initial game. In case you are wondering, he's playing for the YMCA, so they don't keep score. Therefore, there is no official winner. However, I will say (unofficially) the Fire are 1-0...undefeated!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wyatt the Movie Star

I'm going to let Wyatt do the talking here. He's been back in school for 3 weeks. This is one of the first things he learned...

They do a letter of the week in his class. Last week was "A". I've had this song in my head for a week now...

PS...Notice the new hairdo.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Nope, no pictures for you. But we were so excited to receive lots of emails from Kristine (who just came back with her daughter from Ethiopia) with pictures of Gabe. She was kind enough to take him a package from us; which he has in some of the pictures. He looks very healthy and happy, which makes this wait a a little more bearable. According her her, he's an active, crawling, sweet little guy. Hurry up, September! Courts open back up in October and we are praying for a quick court date!!