Sunday, February 26, 2006

March Madness

What a weekend. It all started at 3:00 pm Friday when Andrea called to tell us we will most likely be traveling in March. I can't begin to explain how excited we are! That evening, my parents and the Williams (long time family friends) came in for the weekend. Saturday was the first ever baby shower for Baby Schlafer. Thank you to Kim, Sarah and Beth for putting it on and to all of those that attended. It was a blast. Today we checked out the packing list and went to Sams, Babies R Us, Old Navy, Target and Meijer to complete it. Since then we have been washing clothes, pacifiers, dishes and bottles. Then yes, putting them straight into the suitcases. I can't believe it. It is actually time to think about what to pack. Next month we will be meeting our baby. We can't wait!!!