Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Fingerprints for You!

Are we on candid camera? Is this all a sick joke? Jason and I both take half days to go to Louisville to get our fingerprints done today since they expire in September. We get there are are thrilled to see a waiting room with only one person in it. We go to sign in and then learn that we have to get a number assigned to us prior to getting our fingerprints done and we have to get the number from the office upstairs. No big deal, right...WRONG! That office is closed on Wednesdays. After staring at the man like he was speaking French and our blood pressure going through the roof we head out to the car. After a little venting, we decided to spend the day in Louisville and have dinner as planned at the Ethiopian dinner.

We ended up finding some really cute clothes for Wyatt at the mall and really enjoyed dinner. We weren't quite sure what to order, so we ordered a sampler platter appetizer and a mixed plate for dinner. We each had our favorite and ate ourselves pretty full. Anybody know hoe many Points in Ethiopian food? :) I'm guessing on a day like today, it's all zero Points...including my Dairy Queen dessert!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Put Me In Coach...I'm Ready to Play...Today"

The good news is that the Ethiopian courts are hearing and passing abandonment cases as again. Actually, this is fantastic news. Things are moving in the right direction. We are thrilled for the families that are passing court and getting ready to bring those babies home! However, I'd be denying the obvious if I didn't admit, I feel a little burn inside. Like sitting on the bench in a championship game. You're thrilled to be winning, but are dying to be in the game. I feel like screaming "put me in the (Bleep, Bleep) game! But, here we are, still hanging out, spitting sunflower seeds. Hopefully this week brings the news we're dying for.

We're headed to Louisville tomorrow to update our fingerprints. Isn't that interesting. Who would think of all things, we'd have to update fingerprints. I'm perplexed by that. After that, Jason and I are headed to an Ethiopian restaurant. We've only eaten Ethiopian food once and we both enjoyed it, so we're looking forward to another great experience.

Hopefully, next post, we'll be bragging about a court date or some updated pictures...something!! Stay posted...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We've gotten a lot of questions about the progress of Gabe's adoption lately. Unfortunately, we have little to report concerning Gabe's case specifically. Ethiopian adoptions in general are making progress. As we understand it, the ban is lifted and new court dates have been assigned to lots of families. Unfortunately, we are not one of those families. We are one of the many families still constantly checking emails hoping for good news; keeping our cell phones by our side, waiting for a call to hear the date that's been put on hold a month and a half now. We read lots of rumors about the date court closes for rainy season, but without word from our agency, we cannot believe what we read. Too often I've allowed what I read to give me too much hope and end feeling worse. We know that it all will happen when its right, and that is what keeps us sane right now. We'll obviously update as soon as we hear any news.

On a more uplifting note, Jason and Wyatt had a priceless conversation today before Wyatt's nap. It went as follows:
Wyatt: I want to see Jesus.
Jason: You will someday.
Wyatt: Where does he live?
Jason: In your heart and in heaven.
Wyatt : In here? (pointing to his chest)
Jason: What are you doing? (as Wyatt is now putting his hand in his mouth and fingers almost down his throat)
Wyatt: I want Jesus to see my hand

Never a dull moment with this kid!!!