Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Great Weekend

It was also a busy weekend. We all enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend by watching Wyatt's swim lesson (he is so close to swimming independently), Wyatt's tee ball game (his first baseball experience went very well), and an afternoon of fishing with Dad.

Gabe enjoyed walking around the tee ball diamond (those of us herding him were exhausted) and a couple of trips to the playground. We also got out our Little Tykes swing for the deck. He LOVED it.

We also had some friends from UK over. Dalel and his wife Aizhan are from the town in which Wyatt was born. They serve as a wonderful connection to Wyatt's heritage and we'll greatly miss them when the return home to Astana later this month (and early May).

Enjoy some photos (the reason most of you logged on.)