Sunday, August 24, 2008

Horse Park

The Horse Park had a free family day yesterday. We met up with some friends and had lots of fun on the inflatables. We learned a lesson in waiting in lines - which is especially fun when its 90 degrees with a 3 year old! Here are some pictures from his favorite obstacle course inflatable.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wyatt's Big Wheel

We all remember doing this...

And the follow up conversation...

First Week of School

Whoever said time flies obviously had kids! Wyatt began school this week. He now goes to preschool for half a day and an after school program at the same church. So far, so good. When we picked him up yesterday he said he had fun, but when told he was going back again, he decided he'd rather stay at home. Join the club kid! So, as you can see from the breakfast photo, he needed a little pep talk, but he did just great! We had a little confusion in the schedule, so we walked him to school on his 2nd day of preschool instead of his first, but hey, its still within the first week!
Both days the teachers have said, "he said something funny today." Am I the only one who gets a little nervous when they hear that? Today's quote..."I have a sister, Gabe. He can walk." Yes, he would be talking about his brother, Gabe, who currently lives in Ethiopia, who we said Wyatt can teach how to walk. I guess for a 3 year old, he summed it up okay!! The teacher was confused, but we understood exactly what he was talking about.
Here are some pictures from the yesterday and today.

Saturday, August 16, 2008