Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Family Pictures and Updates

Wow, it's been quite a while since we've posted! Life has picked up the pace on us and we're doing all we can to keep up. First of all, all of the Schlafer boys are doing awesome. When I say all, I'm including the little one in my belly.

Wyatt is just wrapping up his final days of preschool. We went to his preschool performance and once again, I cried. What a sap! He's into baseball now and even earned the game ball one game! So far though, swimming takes the cake with him and he has started swimming by himself without floaties. This is going to be an awesome summer at camp with him. He's gotten lots of travel in this summer already, having already been to Indiana and Illinois.

Gabe is a trip. The kid loves to talk, sing and dance. He's saying a few words..puppy, bubba (bubble), kitty and Ah dah (all done). He is also using sign language for more, eat, please and all done. He's getting a little quicker to warm up to people, but he can still be somewhat timid around unfamiliar with people. With that said, he is now big on waving Hi and Bye bye to people in the grocery.

Jason and I have just been busy. Jason spent a lot of time traveling, while I've spent lots of time, well, growing! Although busy, we have had the best time with the boys and are still somewhat amazed that there will be a third in just 3 short months. YIKES!

We had our family pictures (slide show below) taken a couple of weeks ago by Jessie Owens Snyder. She did an amazing job. If you're interested, check out her website. We couldn't be happier with the moments she captured.