Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wyatt Quotes

We had an ice storm Monday and Tuesday, so I've been home with Wyatt all week. With Wyatt, that means lots of conversation. Here were some of the highlights:

1. Me: Sarah, Whistle and Brady are coming over for the Super Bowl.
Wyatt: What's in it?

2. Jason: Saying who knows what, just being a smarty pants (I know...surprising)
Me: Wyatt, Dad is picking on me. Will you stick up for me?
Wyatt: (Gives me a hug, leans into Jason's face and in his deepest voice and scrunched face says) Be nice to Mom or I'll make
bleed come out of your face. (then hugs me again)

3. Jason: Wyatt, do you want something to drink?
Wyatt: From where?
Jason: Starbucks
Wyatt: I want an appletizer (He had an apple fritter last time, and we've been talking about appetizers for the Super Bowl)
Jason: Do you mean an apple doughnut?
Wyatt: Yes, the one with speed bumps.

Never a dull moment.