Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good News All Around!

It's been a great 24 hours! It began yesterday when my sister Kim got engaged! Congrats Kim, and welcome to the family, Kevin and Sawyer. We are so excited for all of them and Wyatt will be thrilled that Saywer will be at Kim's all of the time now.

Then today's big news...We got a court date...June 5! What does this mean?? It means on June 5th our paperwork and Gabe's paperwork go in front of a judge in Ethiopia to determine if we can legally become his parents. The likelihood of passing court on the June 5th...pretty slim. It seems to be the trend for families to fail court the first time. The courts may want more paperwork from us or Gabe. If we do fail, most court cases are reassigned approximately one month later. But, having an initial date is a step in the right direction. We know he'll legally be ours soon, we just have to be patient. Then, a couple of weeks to a month after passing court we head to Ethiopia to bring him home!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Family Day

Once again, I'm late. We celebrated on time, but I'm late getting pictures posted from that weekend. Our family day with Wyatt was March 20. We decided to spend the weekend in Cincinnati to spend the night in a hotel and go to the aquarium. Instead of writing a boring old post, I've decided to write a poem.

Its so hard to believe
How fast three years flies.
It doesn't seem that long ago
We couldn't sooth those intense cries.

Now here you are.
Three quick years later
You cheer for the CATS
And despise the Gator.

You've developed such charm
And quite a bit of spunk.
We call it personality.
Sometimes a punk :)

Regardless, you're sweet as sugar
Most of everyday
You're quick to make friends
Your smiles brighten our day.

You like to push buttons
Mostly of Mom and Dad.
You make up for it with kisses
When you see us sad.

You'll do anything you can
To get a giggle.
Anytime time you hear music
You can't help but wiggle.

You are 100% boy
No lack of testosterone here
Airplane, helicoptors, trains
You hold all of them dear.

You're a miracle of God
We know this to be true.
Everyday we thank him.
For the amazing gift of you.

Friday, April 03, 2009


I'm a little late in posting this,but, we got our referral for Baby Gabe last Wednesday!! And when I say baby, I mean baby. He's only 2 months old!! LMI called us with the big news last Wednesday. We obviously accepted the referral and now paperwork is being processed to apply for a court date.

Sorry, the rules say that we aren't allowed to post his picture or other identifying information until we clear through the Ethiopian court system.

Wyatt had quite a spring break last week. First, he took a road trip with the University of Kentucky Band and Cheerleaders on a trip to South Bend, Indiana for the Wildcat Basketball game versus Notre Dame. Unfortunately, Wyatt's loyalty swung easily and he chanted at the game "Let's Go Irish!". He then spent the remainder of the week with his Grandparents in South Bend. Mom and Dad headed to Atlanta where Mom ran the ING Georgia Half Marathon. On Tuesday, Mom met Grandma in Indianapolis where Wyatt spent a 1/2 day in heaven (Indianapolis Children's Museum).

Next step in the process to bring Gabe home is for us to obtain a court date...we'll keep you posted.