Monday, March 22, 2010

Wyatt's Family Day and More

Once again, I have become a slacker in the blogging world. I guess chasing two kids will do that! Unbelievably, this weekend marked Wyatt's 4th family day. We celebrate family day as the anniversary of the day we met him. It was really a weird feeling, to think how fast the past 4 years have gone, and yet to realize we've only had him 4 years. Its amazing how in 4 short years, our lives have changed so much and its hard to remember what life was like before him. He's grown up to be such an amazing little boy with so much personality. He's filled the big brother role better than I could have ever imagined. Now, he's been guilty of some not so great choices, but come on, he's a kid. I'd be disappointed if he were perfect. Not a day goes by where he doesn't have us cracking up at something he's said or done. And, it's funny to look back at pictures of his little baby face and you can even see his personality shining then. Not a day goes by when we don't thank God for the true blessing Wyatt is and we're so grateful to call him our son.

So, to celebrate Family Day, we headed to Monkey Joe's. We all love that place. FYI, Sunday at 11:00 is the time to go. It is just opening and its a good time to beat the crowd. Both boys played until exhaustion, which was awesome.

Since its been a while since I've posted pictures, I've attached a couple from the past couple of weeks. They are pretty self explanatory.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Best Picture Ever

Here is what you get when you try to take a nice picture with two 4 year olds, one 2 year old and one 1 year old...all with their spunky great grandma. I love it!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

End of maternity leave...well, until September

Intriguing title, huh? I will start by saying today marks the last day of my maternity leave. While I struggle with that, I know that once I get back into the grove, I'll be glad to be back. I've always worked better on a schedule and routine and work definitely gives me that. I also appreciate the adult conversations and I love the people I work with.

Gabe had his first half day of daycare today. We decided to send him for a half day so his first day wouldn't be the normal 9ish hours. He's done great at the YMCA for an hour or so, but this is the longest he's been away. I really think he'll enjoy being around all of the other kids as well. He loves to sing and talk, so they'll be plenty of people to entertain.

Wyatt is not thrilled about me going back. He has loved being picked up at lunch time and is not looking forward to staying all day again. It's funny how quickly we get spoiled, isn't it?! I give him one week before he begs to stay longer, like he used to before Christmas. We are so grateful that we found such a great place for the boys.

Okay, so back to the title of this post. Yes, I will be taking another maternity leave in September. The Schlafer family is expanding again, with a third child. Where from, you ask? My belly! Yep, I'm pregnant. I'm due September 10. Surprise!!! We found out the Monday prior to leaving for Ethiopia. I am now 3 months pregnant and we couldn't be happier. We look forward to a new journey of pregnancy and an infant. It could be interesting!!