Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Very Welcomed Uneventful Day

A much less eventful day today. Thank goodness! The day began with a run and then a visit with the big man. He was pretty happy today and it was great to see him for the full two hours (the first time since Saturday). He got tired at the end, but we had a blast till then. Jason found out a ball game to play with him that just cracks Wyatt up, so naturally, we played that for as long as he was willing. We had lots of laughs today.
After our visit, we booked our flight to Almaty. We will be heading there on May 23. It is so hard to believe that the end of this journey is in sight. One journey ends and a lifelong journey begins.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Court Day!

Whew, what a day! First and foremost we are thrilled to say that court was a success and we are now beginning our 15 day appeal period. We have been assured that this is not anything to worry about and it is safe to say we are Wyatt’s parents. What an excellent feeling to know that Wyatt is now our son…officially! Our court time was 10 am. After a while of waiting (okay, about1 hr), the judge and prosecutor came in. It was a short hearing, Hallelujah, and then we waited to hear her decision (this usually takes maybe 15 minutes). The prosecutor stated he approved our petition to adopt. The judge concludes by saying, please return at 3:00 to hear her decision. At this point, we’re waiting for someone to tell us we are on Candid Camera. We were again assured that this is nothing to worry about, and sure enough they were right. At approximately 3:15 the judge accepted our petition to adopt our son.
After court we headed straight to the baby house. Wyatt was full of smiles when he saw us…little did he know what a huge day this was for him as well. His caregiver said he had been looking for us the past few days. We missed him so much and cannot wait to bring him back to the US!
After the baby house, we headed to Buharah for a celebration dinner and drinks. We cannot thank the Little Miracles staff enough for their wonderful service. Our coordinator and translator are unbelievable and we couldn’t imagine this experience without them. They truly make dreams come true.

Sorry, no photos. We can't get blogger to upload them.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Trial Run

Happy May 1st! This is a national holiday here, which for us meant no baby house. There was supposed to be a parade and festivities today, but we assumed the snow (yes the 80 degree weather from last week had now turned into snow) might have put a damper on these. We didn’t do all that much…went for a run, to Astana Market, the Ram Store and to a nearby mall. The biggest part of our day was our coordinator and translator coming over. We just went over what to expect tomorrow and basically for them to tell us to relax. 10:00 am tomorrow cannot come soon enough. As you can imagine, it’s been a long day and we are ready for court to be finished and (knock on wood) go to see Wyatt with a very positive court experience behind us. These past two days have been especially long since we haven’t seen our boy and we are dying to see him tomorrow.

So, Monday at midnight (for those of you in EDT), send some positive thoughts our way…we hope we don’t need them.