Sunday, November 22, 2009

Going Private

We received our Ethiopian Travel Guide from Little Miracles last week. Included in the guide was a request to make blogs private. For that reason, we are going to make our blog private beginning next Sunday. If you would like to continue following our journey, please email me at I'll put your email into blogger and you will receive an email inviting you to view the blog.
We completely understand the reasoning behind this request. We're kind of torn though, since we realize how much we've relied on other people's blogs (most of which we do not know) for information throughout the process of adopting both Wyatt and Gabe. Once we're back home, we will again make the blog public.
Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Helper

So I'm raking leaves today and trying to cram as many as I can into the yard waste container. Since I am a towering 5'4, I cannot reach too far into the container to pack the leaves down. I started to use the rake and then came up with a better idea. It was entertaining for all...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We got a court date!!!! December 8. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET US PASS!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Busy Saturday!

I'm finally sitting down and breathing for the first time today. We began the day with the "Worth the Wait" Adoption Awareness 5K. Since Jason was working, I had to push Wyatt. It's been a while since I've pushed him and it felt like he's gained about 20 lbs since the last time I pushed him as well! Andrea and Lillie were there, which always makes Wyatt's day. Unfortunately we didn't have time to hang out with them afterwards because we had to go to Wyatt's first basketball game. The good news is that he actually showed interest in touching the ball, and even shoot it a couple of times. This was remarkably different than soccer. The not so good news...we got skunked! Yeah, those shots of his, they didn't reach the rim :) Its a blast to watch, regardless of the score. And with the YMCA, there are not winners and losers. Yeah right, we're 0-1.
After the game went shopping for a birthday present for one of Wyatt's classmates. After grabbing some lunch, Wyatt went down for some snoozing, which was MUCH needed. I'm now enjoying a piece of leftover birthday cake (did you know that food on and your own birthday cake don't have calories?) and getting ready to take a nap myself. Then off to the birthday party we go!