Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Here We Go, Again!

Yep, were ready for another Schlafer! This time, we're off to Ethiopia for our second son. We are thrilled to have another child and look forward going through a whole new process and country.

As of now, we have updated our home study and applied for our USCIS approval. We are now beginning our dossier, and were very happy to see the documents required as opposed to those for KZ! For those of you that followed our blog for Wyatt, this process will be a little different. After we submit our dossier we will receive a referral for a child. With that referral comes a picture and a medical. After we accept the referral, there is a court case to determine us the parents. That happens before we even arrive to Ethiopia! WHEW!!! Once it is determined that we are the parents, we will be asked to travel. We will spend approximately 2 weeks in Ethiopia to meet our child and get the necessary documents to bring him home. As far as the exact timeline is concerned, we are not really sure. The entire process is approximated to take 7-12 months from agency application to arriving back home.

We've been spreading the word about our new adoption and as expected have been met with such support and we are so thankful for that! So far, we've only met one family that has adopted from Ethiopia, but we look forward to meeting more families that have children from Ethiopia and becoming part of this very special community.