Monday, July 30, 2007

See Ya, Summer

Adios summer vacation. Oh well. I can't complain. We've made the most of this summer and its time to get back into the regular routine. So, in memory of the summer of 2007, here are some pics that you haven't seen yet.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The World Accoding to Wyatt

On the beach: This is awesome! I love the waves, but when they get strong, I may need a little lift from mom or dad.

On time out: Time out sucks! A little screaming doesn't hurt anyone. I didn't even hit mom that hard! I don't want to do what you say ALL of the time!

Vegetables: Who needs them anyway. I eat plenty of bread, cheese and cookies.

Summer: Love it, Love it, Love it...(minus the whole time out thing). You can't beat days full of the park, the YMCA, a vacation here or there and sleeping in.

On Vehicles: I'm not picky, I love them all. A bus, a truck, a tractor, a motorcycle. They make a car ride worth while; chanting what I see until mom or dad acknowledge it.

On TV: Barney or High Five top my list. I don't really watch them. I usually chant for them until mom or dad turns them on. I hang out for a minute and watch. But then, I just listen and pop in and out while running around the house playing with all of my toys.

My crocs: Finally, shoes I can put on by myself! They sure beat those other brown fancy sandals.

Tattoos: I can't wait till I'm 18 and they don't wash off in the tub. I'll take one on my belly and one on my forearm.

Hiding: How is it possible that mom and dad can find me even though I've covered my eyes to hide from them? They are good!!!

SMA Walk Part 2

The SMA walk is just over 2 weeks away and everything is coming together. After registering Team Schlafer, I realized that I could create a donation site for people that may want to support finding a cure for SMA, but cannot make it to the walk. So, I figured, what a better way to get it out than blog it! So, here it is...